Radiofármacos – del Laboratorio al Paciente

The incorporation of this book to the bibliography of radiochemistry and radiopharmacy, in spanish, is orientated for those who have the worries abut the teaching of this subject, and the development of it on the hispanic countries.

In these book, we tried to include all the themes that make this area, that goes from the basic information of the atomic structure, types of radiation, detection y measureof radiation, dosimetry and radioprotection up to cordination of chemistry of the different molecules that make radiopharmaceutical. One chapter, is specifically dedicated to the production of radioisotopes, and the different procution levels of radiopharmaceutical and he controls of quality indicating in each case, the different precautions to take to keep inside the rules of GMP.

These book was written by a majority of great argentine authors, with recognised experience in the subjects that they have developed. And we the editors, have coordinated and integrated the knowledge so that they are bailable on an organised way.

The result of this is a text, in spanish, for the study and spread of radiochemical and radiopharmacy, on a proffessional and university level. By this we hope that the publishment of the text is for the benefit of all, and not only the proffessors and students of these área, but also for to the proffessionals that work in similar áreas. These would develo pon a much more better development and will generate better future radiopharmacy and radiochemical proffessionals.

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