Radiochemistry and radiopahmacy, are specialities extremely dynamic, that caracterice for needing constant actualization, and over all, a deep discussion of the processes of synthesis, techniques of quality control, and adaptations to the norms of GMP, etc.

These could be achieved by many different ways, but we do understand that logic is the integrated work of all of those who work  in these area. With these blog, what we are trying to do, is improve this, and so this would grow if we seriously compromisse ourselves with the idea of spreading a specialty that needs new and better proffessionals.

The book that comes wit the blog, its just the begginig of a course that we can travel together, doing that radiopharmacy and radiochemical, spanish speaker, take the place of preponderance that they deserve.

The blog will grow with the help off all. And is from all to all.

Thank you very much.

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